Team iQuad Final Flight at Antelope Island Stampede Festival 2013

Posted on 20. Oct, 2013 by in beach flying

Masters of quad line team flying, Team iQuad have piloted their Revolution kites worldwide. Flying for the last time together as a team, iQuad is seen here at Antelope Island Stampede Festival in Davis County, Utah. The event took place August 30-September 1st, 2013.

Members of Team iQuad shown in film:

John Barresi (Blue kite)
Steve de Rooy (Teal kite)
TK Barresi (Lavender kite)
Willow Robin (Gold kite)
Bazzer Poulter (Lime kite)
David Hathaway (Green kite)
Spence Watson (alternate)
Filmed by Mtp Studios
Director: Matt Cyphert
Camera: Matt Cyphert,
Shannon Cyphert
Editor: Shannon Cyphert

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