Staxx Brothers ‘UNCLE ED’

Posted on 22. Jul, 2013 by in Music Videos

Introducing the long awaited music video, Uncle Ed. This is the 7th and final chapter in The Staxx Brothers‘ independent film, The Jelly Roll. Watch all seven videos in sequence at

Here’s a nice little summary of the Uncle Ed music video:

“The misadventures of an almost famous Country singer and songwriter, as he rises from the gutters of rural Washington, to the gutters of the big city: NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE. In the end, Uncle Ed falls victim to his demons and ignores his better angels, as he finally gets the rough justice he deserves.

This short film follows Uncle Ed from age 17 to 31, as his weakness for corn liquor and the cornfed wives of powerful men, unravels a man that would otherwise have written the greatest songs of his generation.”

UNCLE ED lyrics:


Oh my Mountain High, Good ol’ boys, too dumb to die
Lord loves me, I don’t know why
Ridin’ with the devil to the show. . .
Tonight, Tonight, Tonight, Tonight. . .


There I was 17 years old
My girlfriend left, when my marriage went cold
She kept the dogs Camaro rolled
Trailer burned She had to go. . .

I can drink like nobody knows
Nobody knows where I put my clothes
There I was 21 years old
With the Sheriff’s wife in her pantyhose



Sheriff Brown, ran me out town,
He can raise my kid, He can’t put me down
Cuzz my hard luck is turning round
Goodbye Sedro, I’m in Nashville now

Music Row they called me Flash
Plugged my songs, paid me cash
Then country stars get so much ass
The drugs are free, I learned em’ fast

(Break Down) Uh oh uh oh Uncle Ed is loco


I was living in a topless bar,
I dealt some cards & played guitar
Kept my money in a mason jar
Sold Angel Dust when times were hard

I can drink like nobody knows,
Nobody knows where I put my clothes
There I was 31 years old,
With a record man’s gettin’ jelly rolled


Harmonica theme returns


…I miss my crazy Uncle (Ed) …night, tonight.

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